Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Playing Catch-up

Hi friends! Emily here. Or Crazy Old Lady as I'm known best. ;o)

 I've been a busy bee finishing up my [late] blocks.
First up, Sherri's blocks.
I have to admit, at first I was super excited about these blocks. But once I had to start using math to figure them out to the right size the wheels in my brain seized up. After I came too I had the tons fun piecing them together. One of them is a variation of one of my patterns. Betcha' can't guess which one!?  :o)

Since Sherri's blocks are already a month late I also had to hurry and get Amy's done.

I kinda got carried away with these. Once I started it was too fun to stop and I vowed to use every piece of fabric she sent. I added a few from the stash too. I loved making these blocks and see a similar quilt in my future very soon.

Ok gals, I promise to try and get my blocks done on time from now on! :o)

(Oh btw- your blocks are going in the mail tomorrow- look for them soon)

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  1. Hi Emily. Your blocks look fabulous!! What nice additions to Amy and Sherri's quilts. :0)

  2. You rock! I love all the blocks - esp the addition of a little Shore Thing so I'll always remember they are yours! :)

  3. Oh...these blocks are all amazing...I love them! I think I'm going to be making a quilt like Amy's too...her blocks were really a lot of fun!

  4. Well when you get going you don't stop! They are all wondrful and fun blocks. I love Sherri's and Amy's blocks ARE addictive aren't they!