Thursday, December 5, 2013

Improv Christmas Trees and Easy Dresdens

 Before becoming a 
Bees Knees
I admit I had never tried to sew
Improv blocks before.
 I'm working outside my comfort zone
for sure
but also
learning a lot!
If I remember right,
Melissa's Christmas Trees
was our third Improv assignment.
I should be getting the hang of this by now!
These were happily mailed off to Melissa last week.
And the minute I got Lori's package
I immediately opened it up and 
made her two
Easy Dresden blocks.
Years ago, Lori taught me how to make Dresden's
and I've been itchin' to give them a try ever since.
So cute out of her Bake Sale fabrics!
And yes, they were very easy to do.
Merry Christmas my fellow
Bees Knees!
It's wonderful to be part of this group!

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