Saturday, March 15, 2014

Amy Smart March block

Hello friends! How did it get to be mid-March? Didn't we just have Christmas a couple of weeks ago? Well I wrote a really helpful and informative post about what to do with the fabric I sent out and then blogger freaked out and the post was gone. I was so tired that night I couldn't fathom the thought of redoing it that night. So here I am again!
Some of you may remember these blocks from last year! I LOVE how they look all together. This year I would like to add to these blocks, but with a little twist.
This quilt is the inspiration for what I'm looking for. And here are a few other pins for inspiration as well here, here, and here.

This time I am going to ask for your creativity again in making a 12" (12.5" unfinished) square block only this time out of multiple framed squares. This could mean sixteen 3" framed squares or nine 4" framed squares, or an 8" framed square in one corner with five 4" framed squares.

OR two 6" framed squares.

Please use a variety of widths of frames. All right angles - no "wonky" blocks. Real squares please.
Hopefully the fabric I sent will be enough, but feel free to add more from your own stash in the above colors if you want. Also include the white (Kona snow) in your blocks.  Send back any scraps you don't want, but you can keep them if there is something you like.

Thank you so much! I can't wait to see what you come up with! Let me know if you have any other questions. And I'll answer them here.


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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Major Catching Up….

I did some major catching up on some blocks from the last bee to this bee. My goal is to never get that behind again. So I'm grateful that I was able to catch up, so I can enjoy each block from here on out. The one I stressed over the most and stretched me was April's block from the first go around. I have to say the Lonestar was my favorite block to do out of that round, because it took me out of my comfort zone.
Lonestar for April
Then another one that challenged me was the pickle dish. Callie this was so fun to do for you and it was quite fun! It was fun tutorial and I can't wait to see your quilt finished!
Pickledish for Callie
The christmas block for Sherri was fun to put together too! Quilts are fun to be scrappy!
Scrappy Trip Along Block for Sherri
Trish's swoon block was great and fun to put together!
Swoon Block for Trish
And Lori Holt's quilt blocks were fun to do as well!

Thimble Block for Lori

Thimble Block for Lori
Melissa's improv trees were fun to do! Thanks for challenging us to get our creative on!
Improv Tree for Melissa 
Improv Tree for Melissa
Starry Eyed Block for Sinta was fun and the color choices were perfect!

Starry Eyed Block for Sinta
And for Carrie's blocks using Thimbleblossom's pictures from Craftsy video were fun to do. Although now that I look at them I may have turned one or two wrong. I'm so sorry Carrie!
Carrie's Blocks
Carrie's Blocks
Jodi's blocks were fun as well. I loved how scrappy they turned out!
Jodi's Blocks
Nedra's block was fun to try. Never tried triangle's on a roll until now. So fun! Thanks for letting us try it!
Nedra's Block
Sorry for the long post and I hope i have posted all the block's here. Just remember Carrie's and April's blocks were from the first round.. so don't be confused that you didn't get to do those fun blocks I just wanted to share.



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