Wednesday, December 27, 2017

January Block Information

Hey Guys!  I've been working on getting the packages ready to send out for January.
I'm excited to have you all make a Lone Star block for me.  If you haven't made a Lone Star block before--don't worry!  This is a large block and will finish at around 20" square--so no fiddly little diamonds to work with.
You'll be receiving a variety of my fabric lines and black cross weave to work with.

You can find the tutorial here.  It is a wonderful tutorial with lots of pictures to help you out along the way.

Just a couple things:  

1.  I want my star made as my picture above with the center all the same fabric and the points all the same fabric.  

 2. And the step with this picture was a little bit confusing to me:

Where it shows the measurement 2 1/2", it will measure 3 1/2" across.  The 2 1/2" references two and one half squares across the diagonal of your ruler but since it's a diagonal measurement the actual measurement in inches across is 3 1/2".  If you line up your ruler like it shows, you will be fine--just don't be thrown off that it shows 2 1/2" in the photo and actually measures 3 1/2" across the top of your fabric.

 3.  And lastly, do not trim/square up your block before sending it back.  I'll trim them down to size after receiving them all.

Bee Block Questionnaire

What size quilt block do you want your bee partners to make?
These will measure around 20 1/2" square unfinished.  Do not trim them down.

Can your partners use any of their own stash fabric to use in your quilt block? If so, are there any limitations? 
No Need, I am sending all fabrics needed.

Is there a specific color of thread (white/off white) you want your partners to sew with? 
White/Off White/Grey--any of these are fine.

Do your partners have to use at least a little bit of every fabric you send or can your partners decide? 
You will need to use all of the fabrics.

Do you have a general theme or is it up to your partners to decide? Are there any specific themes that you do NOT want in your quilt block? Likes/dislikes? N/A

Will you allow any embellishments on the quilt block (i.e. embroidery, raised items such as yo-yos or fabric origami)?  No Thank You

Can you link us to any flickr or Pinterest photos that you would like us to use as inspiration for your quilt block?  Here is the link to the tutorial again:  Lone Star Tutorial

If your partners are super motivated and are able to make two blocks out of the fabric you send. Just One

Thank you so much for making these blocks for me!  I have enjoyed making all of your blocks this past year.

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Monday, December 25, 2017

Caught Up On all Bee Blocks!!!

I am horrible and I hope you all forgive me, but I am now finally caught up and your blocks are on their way to you! I am just doing one post for all blocks that I was past due on.

First up is for Kimberly! This block was so fun and 
you are very generous in giving us all our own colorway to do! Thank you!

I can't get my photo to turn, but this suitcase was to Die For! Thanks Trish for letting us play!!!

I couldn't finish Sinta's I didn't have enough fabric and not anything from my stash matched :(

Calli's block was super fun to do and a fun way to learn how to do half square triangles.

Melissa this block is super fun and HUGE!

Shannon this was so fun to do! Great color choices and can't wait to see it all together.

 Stephanie's block was fun and lots of little pieces. I sent this a while ago. 

Thanks for all the amazing challenges you all bring and the fun blocks we get to experience. Can't wait to see what Corey bring's us in January.


Shari :)
Your Beehive Mama

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