Friday, November 29, 2013

November- "ish" Blocks Have Been Sent Out!!!

A Big Hello to all of you Busy Bees!!!
A few days ago I sent out my blocks to you…
it is still November sort of:)

I am asking you to make 2 of my Easy Dresden Blocks 
using the tutorial on my blog
that I just posted HERE.

I have already cut everything and 
marked the circles for you…
so you will not need my
 Thimble or Circle Rulers…
and you won't have any leftovers:)

I hope you all have fun making the blocks.
I love to make dresdens and for those of you
 who might not have made them before…
you will love it!

don't worry if you don't have white
 Aurifil thread for the machine appliqué.
Just use white and it will all be good!

I will be making a square quilt for my kitchen table
with these blocks and I'm so excited about this project.
Thanks so much to all of you…
my fellow Bees Knees partners:)
I'm so happy to be taking part this year!

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bees Knees Update

 Hi everyone! I've been kind of laying low until I finished all of the blocks I was behind on. Now seemed like a good time for me to get caught up with the holidays fast approaching. Lori will be sending out her November blocks soon, and December is kind of a catch up month with no blocks being sent out.

So, here are my recent finishes...first up were Melissa's improv trees (actually, these were the last ones I finished) which I hope are okay. I don't do a lot of improv piecing, so consider me a newbie for this technique.

 I really loved the pattern Sinta chose; in fact, this will definitely be a scrappy quilt I'll make for myself sometime.

And last (and my oldest block) was Trish's Swoon. I had to order some fabric since I'd already started cutting when the fabric shortage was discovered. Anyway...long story short...I found the fabric on Etsy but then misplaced it for a while. 

Anyway...I'm caught up at least until Lori's package arrives (which I can't wait to see...I know she has something fun for us to do).

Happy Thanksgiving  to everyone!

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