Tuesday, February 28, 2017

March 2017 - Bring on the Bees!

    It was hard to decided what I wanted to do this year for my Bee Block.  Until I remembered my small stash of Bee Happy fat quarters from Henry Glass that I purchased a few years back.  You know the problem, you wander in a fabric store, see something adorable and without a project you purchase just a few fats. Then if you are like me you put it on your shelves, looking at it once in a while, wondering what you are going to do with that small amount of fabric.

Then it hit...why not use my Bee Happy for my Bee Block!

    So, I decided to keep it simple with a disappearing 9-patch!  I am actually really excited for this, not only am I going to use this adorable stash, I will be getting a large quilt! Instructions are included with the fabric.

So this is what the block will end up looking like,

but I am most excited about the end result...so I thought I would show you what I am going to do with them once the blocks come back! Since I had barely, and I do mean barely enough patterned fabric for 12 blocks I decided to create a little applique block for the center.

So here are all the details...
What size quilt block do you want your bee partners to make?
Unfinished size 14 3/4" x 14 3/4"  

Can your partners use any of their own stash fabric to use in your quilt block?
 I have sent you all that you need. And I only need one block...hopefully quick and easy!

Is there a specific color of thread (white/off white) you want your partners to sew with?
 White is great!

Will you allow any embellishments on the quilt block ? 
No embellishments needed. Keeping it simple!

Any link for your inspiration?
Sorry, I have just seen a lot of disappearing 9-patch blocks and was playing with them in Photoshop! I ended up placing them in a trellis and loved the almost Vegas 60's feel.   

and now for my question!! ? !!

Do you have a name or favorite item in your sewing / craft room? If so, please share it with us and / or explain what it is or where the name came from. And since I am a visual person...if you can, 
share pictures!

My name for my room is Egypt!  I have always loved Egyptian art, movies, and history!  So, I decorated my space with some of these things.  I love it too when my husband asks if I am spending my weekend in Egypt...the answer is always yes! I will share a picture later this month.

So here it is...My Bees Blocks are flying to you through the mail as we speak!  Have a great beginning to Spring...
here in Idaho we are so ready!!!

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Nedra's Bee block

Here's the block I made for Nedra.

This is the block that Nedra should have received, but I was multitasking, and sewed the gray where the white should have been!
Nedra was very understanding, and said I could use fabric from my stash.
I'll put this little "X" block in my orphan block pile.

My favorite color to sew with is pink, even though my favorite color is red :)
There are so many shades of pink, I enjoy the range and the possibilities.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sending a little love!

I thought I would send Nedra a little love for Valentines!  This bee block was really quick and fun and now I am going to have to create one of these for myself!
Also, Nedra the picture is to show you that in the frozen north, when we look outside, all we see is white!! And if you ask my sister, my favorite color is purple, but I love all colors. Enjoy your block and all that warm weather!

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