Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Erika's Block

Hi Everyone...I just finished up Erika's block and had so much fun making it! I posted about her block and my other recently received blocks on my blog today...things are coming together!

I just loved making this block for you was so refreshing to sew without a pattern...I'm thinking I should make myself do that at least once a's such a great help for the creative process!

Here's my quilt so far...I had planned this to be a 16 block quilt all along, and with several of you sending an extra block I should just have to make thanks so much! I really want to do a fun border for this quilt...the wheels are turning, but I haven't decided anything for sure yet.

Thanks everyone...the Bee has been so much fun...(really, I can't say that enough)...have a great day!

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  1. Oh I love it! Thanks so so much Sherri!!

  2. Your block looks fabulous Sherri! And I just love how your quilt is coming along! This bee has been soo much fun! I just cant wait for next mnths fabric and block instructions. :0)

  3. Great block design... I have been intimidated by the freedom! Isn't that crazy? Yours turned out wonderful and I love seeing all of your blocks together on your "design wall"!

  4. Nice job, Sherri. I've been waiting for someone to show their block for Erica because I wasn't sure if we could use any diagonal seams. From your example we can! Yay. Much easier to improvise that way.
    So fun to see your quilt coming together :)

  5. this is going to be gorgeous! You should be receiving my very late (I'M SOOOO SORRY!!!) block soon.