Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blocks for Shari

 Blocks for Shari.
I loved making both these blocks. This is going to be such a darling quilt! I can't wait to see what it looks like, Shari!

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Monday, March 18, 2013

I decided to call this week "finish the Bee" week. It's funny how one block a month can sound so easy and then all of a sudden they pile up on my. Why is that!?

Shari's blocks were really fun to do. I loved playing with the fussy cut fabric. But I have to say, improv piecing a block to a specific size was a new challenge for me. I think it turned out pretty good. :o)
I also had Trish's block to do from soooo long ago. (Trish I'm so sorry!)
This block was super easy and quick that it made me feel even more guilty for not doing it sooner.
I'll have these in the mail this week.
BTW: Does anyone out there still have my november blocks? I'm trying to round them all up but I lost my list. I for sure am still missing purple. If you have it, could you send it to me? Even if it's not finished. THANKS!!!

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bees Going In Circles!

I can't believe that it's finally my turn "up to bat", so to speak!
(it's time for spring training)

I actually am glad that I am sharing my block with you now.
I feel like I have gotten my "feet wet" ... and had the 
pleasure of getting to know all of you a little bit. 

I have been stretched and challenged a bit over the past months...
especially when it came to the improv blocks! 
Oh my gosh, that was taxing!
But I am so happy that now I have done it...
I wouldn't have done it without you! hehe!

So, now it's my turn and I hope I am not getting you to do
something that is too difficult... but hopefully something that
you are excited to try.
I love Dresden's but I have not tried this modern version before.
So, here we go!

Here is my block.
Here is a link to a tutorial on it.

What size quilt block do you want your bee partners to make? (Give finished and unfinished measurements, just to be sure.)  Finished will be 13" x 13" and Unfinished will be 13.5" x 13.5", (once it's cut into an octagon, but I will do that). It's a  little bigger than the blocks so far... but it's round. Please forgive me:)

Can your partners use any of her own stash fabric to use in your quilt block? If so, are there any limitations? I have included everything you will need to make the block and the "reverse" block. I also included a  plastic template of a 15 degree ruler to use.

Is there a specific color of thread (white/off white) you want your partners to sew with? Nope, either is fine.

Does your partners have to use at least a little bit of every fabric you send or can your partners decide?  Please use the fabric I'm sending. It's pretty straight forward. The strips are precut for you.

Do you have a general theme or is it up to your partners to decide? Are there any specific themes that you do NOT want in your quilt block? Likes/dislikes?  I have sent an instruction sheet and fabric. You won't have to use anything from your stash.

Will you allow any embellishments on the quilt block (i.e. embroidery, raised items such as yo-yos or fabric origami)?   If you would like to make a hexie for the center, I thought that would be nice and a good way for me to remember who made the block. No worries though. 

Can you link us to any flickr or Pinterest photos that you would like us to use as inspiration for your quilt block? This is what I am working towards:

Here is an example of another version of the same block:
Totally different look. These are from Geta's Quilting Studio blog.

Here is a photo of Cindy's quilt... isn't it sweet?

If your partners are super motivated and are able to make two blocks out of the fabric you send, would you accept more than one block from your partners? You will be cutting the blade and then the reverse from your sewn strip. You can just make the one  Modern Dresden and send me the alternate blades and I will make the other Dresden. No need to do anything but the circle. (you don't need to make them into octagons either).    Thanks!

Do you want your partners to return any leftover larger size scraps to you when they return the completed blocks or can they keep them for their own scrap stash?  You probably won't have any leftovers but what will be left over is for the alternate block, so yes, please send the extras back so I can make the alternate Dresden. (unless you want to make it) wink!

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blocks for Shari


I finished Shari's blocks...and had so much fun making them! The fabrics she sent along were just adorable! I can't wait to see her finished quilt!

They'll go in the mail this week...thanks Shari!

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Shari's Blocks

I can hardly believe it, but I finished Shari's blocks on the last day of the month.

What fun blocks they both are! 

The fabrics are so sweet and pretty... they make me excited for Spring.

I'm can't wait to get them sent off in the mail. 

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