Friday, June 15, 2012

bumped out of the nest.

I finished Erika's improve June block and will be putting it in the mail this afternoon.  The improv proved a challenge for me because I am one of those a-type girls who uses a pattern, cuts carefully after measuring a dozen times, and I jump off with a plan ... you know the type.  But this month's block pushed me out of my comfort zone.  And Erika. I want to give you a great big thank you!  Thank you for letting me play with your fun fabrics and create something unique for your quilt!  It was so much fun to see how your fabrics evolved into a block.  I can hardly wait to see the others!

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  1. That is such an interesting block! And I mean that in a good way! Can you link to Erika's blog? I'd love to see what happens with this. Thanks!

  2. Great job Trish! I'm always a little intimidated by improv pieceing but every time I sit and do it, I enjoy it so much. I can't wait to play with E's fabric! Thanks for the added motivation.

  3. This is awesome! I love it so much! I can't wait to see all the rest of the blocks. THANKS TRISH!!!