Monday, November 10, 2014

Blocks and Sept. Note ;)

I am already having so much fun with the Blocks this year!!

I have wanted to make one of these Modern Maple quilts forever so it was so fun to make a block.  It has totally moved up my list of "to do's"   And so fun, Shari that your cutting just happened to make the giraffe in the center line up perfectly!!  So cute ;)

And I was so excited to see that Sinta choose an applique block.  I just love applique and these large petal ones go together so quick ;)  This was so much fun to make and I love the beautiful prints!!

And before I sign off. . . just a quick note.  I am so excited to put my Outdoor quilt together, the blocks are so cute!!!  If you are still working on my Sept. Outdoor block that's great.  If you could get it to me by the end of this month that would be even more great :)  I hate to rush everyone as I know it has been so busy with market and now the holiday's,  I just have to put the quilt together for my Grandparents for the Annual Family Christmas Party that is Mid December ;)    Thanks so much ladies ;)  Okay, sorry to pester, I won't do it again ;)  Go about your happy sewing day :)

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Monday, November 3, 2014

September, October, and November!

I did some catching up on my Bee blocks for you guys!

Shari's block was so fun and just way to easy. 
Just what I needed to work on!!!

Then I got to work on Calli's block with the outdoors theme.
Since I live just outside of Yosemite... I had to represent trees and camping.

I also worked on MY blocks for this month.
I actually got them sent out in the mail today!

I will post tomorrow using the format we are filling in about our blocks.
I did include a copy of the pattern (that was free) from Little Miss Shabby.
I hope you like it! 
I caved in and used my Heather Bailey fabric I have been hoarding.
I think that this one will actually be one I use for myself when it's all done.

(one more little thing... I can't comment on our blog... whenever a blog has the dropbox that
says Google Account... it won't take my comment for some reason... does anybody have that problem?)

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