Friday, July 11, 2014

The Game of Catch-up

I can't believe it's Friday again already!

Last weekend I devoted myself to 
working on my Bees Knees blocks...
yes, that's right... the weekend, because I was
so far behind!
Here is the fun flying geese block that is Nedra's.
It was the perfect project to work on first while it
was early in the morning because it was pretty self explanitory...
just follow the lines! Got  that!

Next I moved on to this block of April's.
I LOVE this block and have always wanted to make one!
I am thinking about making one of my own now!
Thank you April! 
By the way... the fabric line is so cute! I really love the intensity of the colors!

The next one I started on Saturday but...

on Sunday I met my match!
No measurements to follow... yikes! I was really a scaredy cat!
But I managed to get it done and I have to say I was happy with
the way it turned out.
I really hope Amy is happy with it too!

Do you remember my block?
Well, I am getting near-to-the-finish-line on
it! I might even get it done this weekend! 
I am going to love having it done and have it out
over the holiday's and thinking about each and every one of
you in my group! Thank you so much for taking the time to
be a part of the Bees Knees... even though you are 
so busy! For those of you who won't be in Bees Knees next go around...
I will truly miss you! 

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bee blocks for amy.

Dearest Bee Members.
Thanks for your patience in my being so late with completing your precious blocks.  I am making some headway and hopefully will get them all done in the near future.  
Life huh?!  Gets a little crazy at times.  wink.
Above are Amy Smart's blocks.  And they were so much fun to make!!
Sincerely.  Trish

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