Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shamlessly Catching Up

If it wasn't bad enough that I am just catching up with Calli's Bee block
for the last round of Bees Knees... I also neglected to post about it.
I did make a post showing her block over a month ago I think,
on my blog. I really had a fear of making this pickle dish style block.
But now that I did it, I can breath easy. 
I have always wanted to make one of the "eyelash" quilts
that require the same method and shape... so now I have the confidence to
really entertain the idea. I am sure my sewing will get better
with the more I make too.

The other catch up I had was with Sherri's block.

I just had a blast with this method. I had wanted to make 
this block when I saw the versions popping up on various blogs
but for some reason I 
didn't really have the time... so I am glad that Sherri 
requested it for her block. One was fun to make...
so making two was even better.
Sherri has had these now for a good month now...
so it is my post that I am shamelessly needing to catch up on.
And now that that is done, I can go forward and 
start working on my next two catch-ups!

One for Trish and one for Jodi! I am
excited about doing both of these... soon!
Thanks for being so good about waiting.

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