Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Trish and Jodi's Blocks

 It's nice to get back into 
the Swing of Things
and complete some of
Bees Knees projects.
Last night I finished 6 of
Jodi's Scrappy Summer blocks.
They work up so fast, 
I sewed them all in one sitting. 
 It was fun to throw them down on the floor
together to see a pattern emerge.
This is going to be a cute quilt, Jodi!
And last week I made 
Trish's Swoon block
and sent it off in the mail.
Thanks Lori for the emergency re-design :)
One of the things I love 
about being a Bees Knees
is the inspiration I get from all of you.
Now I want to make both of these quilts!


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  1. I haven't made mine yet... but I will be catching up soon! I love the way these are looking! You all are going to have gorgeous quilts!!!

  2. Great job Nedra! They look beautiful. Now that the kids are back in school, I am going to get caught up on these two blocks!