Wednesday, August 10, 2016

July and August

Kim,  I just love making these Spell it with Moda Blocks!!!!  I have made one and two , Spell It With Moda Quilts, and always have so much fun making up these little letters.  In fact, I  had so much fun with these , I think it might be time to add another Spell It With Moda quilt to the list ;)

Quick note, one of my letters didn't have the bottom background strip in the package, and the other one did, but the piece that goes under the P was to small, so I had to piece the bottom strip to the piece you sent in order to finish the letter.   So both will need to have that strip added :)

And Stephanie, I have to apologize.  Not only is my block late  (I accidentally put your package in with the envelopes of my June blocks that were returning and totally missed it.)  but on top of that, I noticed when I was editing the photo to post it here, that I totally misplaced 2 of my 9 patches, and of course it is already in the mail.   I am sorry Stephanie that you will have to take out that row.   I have no idea how I didn't notice it sooner.   But I loved making this block and it has always been on my bucket list as well.  Maybe next year we will be making the same block for me ;)

Looking forward to September ;) 

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  1. Thanks for making the letters for me and I've gone ahead and added the piece already. It's funny how you can repeatedly go over a pattern and still send the wrong pieces or not enough pieces. Lol. Thanks for your understanding!!