Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Thought, A Block and a Thank You

These blocks should be with their owners by now
 but I 
thought I would share
 the finished blocks!

I had fun with Nedra's
 paper pieced block and 
the fun fabric she picked!
Thank goodness it wasn't
 hard to do (I have a fear
 of paper piecing) but really, 
Nedra should have 
sent more... one was just too easy!
 I would gladly make more Nedra
 if you want to send it out!

Then there was a couple 
blocks for Melissa! Oh my gosh...
what a fun way to 
make a Hunter's Star block! 
I want to make one
 for myself now. 
I can't wait to see
 this one made up!

Oh, and by the way... 
I plan on having a little show and tell of some of
my past  quilts that were
 made by you all

I love my quilts and
 even though they might
 not be quilted yet... they will be 
treasured just the same!

Now this next block was 
one I had wanted to make
 when the quilt along
was going on after the 
magazine was published
 that included the 

Steph picked this one
 and I'm really glad she did!

Yes, there are a
 bajillion pieces to this block,
 but it is beautiful...
and even more so
when all the
 blocks come together!

You ladies are great... 
and a good influence and hopefully 
we are good for
 each other... 
each other to stretch
 and learn!

Thanks so much... and I am 
looking forward to the next block!

And Shari... you are 
the best Beehive Mama! I love the spotlights you share!
Thank you so much for 
putting those together and sharing the Pinterest 
inspirations too!!!


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