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Spotlight for July: Melissa Corry

Let’s get to know Melissa!

Melissa Corry Headshot Photo.jpgI was born and raised in West Valley City, Utah, a suberb of Salt Lake City, Utah. I moved to Cedar City, Utah to attend Southern Utah University after high school.  I was extremely grateful to have a wonderful twin sister to to come with me to college and be my roommate as it made the whole leaving home thing a little easier to bear.  We enjoyed SUU and over my third summer, I met a young local Cedar City boy, who ironically enough was living in Salt Lake City attending the U of U but just happened to be home for the summer.   6 Weeks later we were engaged.

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We moved to Salt Lake City where my sweetheart finished his undergraduate work and welcomed or first child, Spencer into our family.   My husband then applied for Medical School following in his Dad's footsteps and  Thus began a crazy adventure of the next 7 years  :)    We attended medical school in Kentucky, did clinical in Washington State and Utah, and finished up with Residency in Indiana.  Needless to say, we got very good at packing up a U-haul and moving back and forth across the country ;)  We also welcomed 3 new children into our family over this time, Jessica  in Kentucky, Kristian in Washington, and Kamryn in Indiana, making each of our children born in a different state.   

Sewing room.JPGAfter residency, we finally got to move home to Cedar City, where will live now and plan on living until we die!! My baby girl  Josie, joined our family in Cedar City.   And now, we are settled and loving life.  Our family loves playing games, camping and going on hikes  in the mountains, and generally just hanging out together.     I love being a wife, mother, and homemaker!!  

So where does quilting fit into all of this . . . Well,   Before moving across the country that first time I asked my mother to teach me to quilt.  I figured I was about to have some lonely evenings on my hand and needed some hobbies.

I began slowly and enjoyed being able to create adorable baby blankets for friends.  I created Happy Quilting in July of 2010 after my husband got on my case for hijacking our family blog.  And from there, it has just been an amazing ride!!!

Long Arm.JPG

I have loved the opportunity Happy Quilting has given me to expand my skills and share them with others!! I never would have dreamed when I stared my blog that I could say it would lead me to becoming a pattern writer and  author.  I have just loved having so many wonderful opportunities to create open up to me in this amazing industry.  And most of all, I have loved making  so many wonderful friends in this virtual quilting community!!  I just love this industry and the small little corner I have to be a part of it.
Favorite Movie - Pride & Prejudice, although you could throw in any Jane Austin in there ;)  I love to watch movies and have a crazy little obsession with finding old DVD's of shows from my childhood at the Pawn Shop.  I think we have over 400 movies now.  But we don't have netflix, kind of silly ;)  Favorite TV Show - My family loves to watch Master Chef.  I personally don't really watch much TV (movies a ton) unless you count when my  husband is watching sports while I press fabric :)  Good times :)

Favorite Candy - I love Milky Way Simply Caramels ;)   Honestly, I love anything with Caramel ;)

Favorite Recipe - My mom's bread recipe.  It is no fail and my family loves it and there is just nothing quite like the smell of homemade bread or rolls ;)

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