Sunday, July 31, 2016

July Spotlight Stephanie Romney

Let’s get to know Stephanie!
Sometimes, I can't even believe my good luck. What a fun year this has been! Thank you for welcoming me into this group and allowing me to work on blocks for the amazing quilts you create. I've already received some of my Burgoyne Surrounded blocks back from you talented ladies, so it's probably time to introduce myself.

A little about me: I was born in Mesa, Arizona. I still live in Mesa, Arizona. I will most likely die here. (I feel like it might be any minute every single summer!) I met my husband while attending Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. He was born and raised in Phoenix, but it took moving one state to the north to meet each other. We were engaged the day we met - - - to other people. One year later, we were married - - - to each other. (That's a long story for another day.) We've been blessed with three daughters and one son. They've all married wonderful spouses and we have eleven beautiful grandchildren (one's been born since this photo, and one more is on the way). They all live nearby and we are so grateful for that.

I'm the oldest grandchild on my mom's side of the family. Eight grandsons in a row were born after me before any more girls came along. So - - - naturally I was Grandma's favorite. She was my first piano teacher and she taught me to sew. I love her for that. I have no idea how many sets of matching dresses I sewed for my girls when they were little. Miles of ruffles, sashes, English smocking, shadow applique, lacy socks, hair bows . . . I had lots of fun. It was a sad day when they finally said, "MOM! NO MORE MATCHING!" (One of my biggest mom fails is that none of them play the piano or sew. They are, though, extremely talented in many other ways.)

The first quilt I ever made was a king-size "quilt as you go" log cabin. I finished it the morning of October 28, 1983, promptly went into labor, and my second daughter was born later that day. About twelve years ago, my friend organized an "I Spy" fabric swap in our neighborhood and that quilt was the first of many I've made since then. (That was the quilt that gave me carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand. My thumb and index finger are still numb. Another story - - - another day.) I sew with a group of friends once a month. We've gone through various phases of quilt making. We used to try and all work on the same type of project at the same time. We've wised up and now we sew whatever we want. It's my favorite day of the month! I make quilts for my grandchildren when they turn eight and I made a beautiful king-size triple Irish chain for my mother when she turned eighty. Quilts are for all ages.

Last summer, after thinking/dreaming about it for many years, I approached my husband about the possibility of starting a longarm quilting business. Even when I explained the cost of getting started, he said, "What are you waiting for?" Two days later, my son-in-law was knocking down the wall separating two vacant kids' bedrooms in the front of our home. By the end of August (less than a month later), Ivy, my Gammill/Statler was delivered. It has been so much fun (and maybe a little stressful) learning and working on other peoples' gorgeous creations. It keeps me very busy and is a great form of therapy. The only downside is that I don't have as much time to piece my own quilts any more and I kind of miss that. I should probably stop taking naps and eating bonbons!!

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