Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November Spotlight: Sinta

Let’s get to know Sinta!
Following obtaining my degree in Interior Design in Southern California I made a quick trip to Yosemite. I fell in love with Yosemite..,  so much that I decided to stay. I had only ever camped before with my grand parents as a young kid in Oregon. I bought a flash light, an alarm clock and a sleeping bag.  Next, I got a job there. My family had to mail my clothes to me. There I was ... I never felt more like being home and there I stayed for the next twenty years. My children even started elementary school in the park... which included rock climbing and skiing! For the past 15 years I have worked for Environmental Consultants.
When I was a child I played day in and day out with a huge stack of pot holders that my grandmother had. I would lay out the squares, rearrange them, and lay them out once again. I think that was the start of everything
I squeeze in quilting on the weekends. I am a very early riser... so I get a lot done while the house is still quite. Quilting is so therapeutic and relaxing for me. I am so glad I have it as a creative outlet.
I teach quilting classes at our local quilt shop occasionally. For the past ten years I have hosted a quilt retreat at Bass Lake CA. I also do some stunt sewing and sample sewing for the Fat Quarter Shop.
Other than quilting... my live is all about the 3 "F's" : Family , Friends and Food.
I have a combined family of my 3 sons and two stepsons. The ages are 31, 32, 32, 32, and 34. They all have wonderful women in their lives. My husband are overjoyed to have women in our lives now!!! And better yet, we have 4 grand children now too!
We all live near each other, so we see each other all the time.
I wasn't able to find a photo of just myself... so I picked one of me with one of my best friends. That's me with the Chai Tea in my hand!  My lunch hours are spent visiting with my girlfriends... getting in my "social hour"!
If I didn't quilt... I would be a baker! I love collecting recipe books...a few of my favorites are Miettes, from Miettes Bakery in San Francisco, Butter, from the  Butter Cream Bakery in Napa, and from the Model Bakery also in Napa.  Holidays are my baking time. But I made the wedding cake for one of my sons' and I have another one to make for his twin in April! And another in June!
It's been so fun doing these spotlight's of our Beehive Members! We hope that you have a Merry Christmas! December is our month we take a break and a good time to catch up on blocks you may be behind on!


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  1. Oops! I see a mistake... it was suppose to say that my husband and I are overjoyed to have women in our family now.

    Thanks Shari for posting a little bit about me!

  2. I am loving the spotlights. It is fun getting to know everyone!