Monday, September 8, 2014

September's Blocks Done!

I have been trying to be better about getting my bee blocks done on time, so they aren't so far behind! I apologize for the lateness of years in the past, but this year..I have to stay on top of things or I'd go CRAZY!

When it said to use our creativity about this block, I had a million ideas. Then i just simplified and went with Lori Holt's instagram tutorial that you can find here! I have to say it's a fun block to do! So here is the reveal of that adorable Scrappy Cross Roads Block!

My Scrappy Cross Roads Block by Lori Holt
Then I couldn't help myself but add two more blocks to the bunch! Some improv work!

I hope you like them Melissa! I am sending the rest of the scraps for you to play around with! You will have plenty of white back! Thanks for sending some fun camping fabric and I hope you don't mind a little bit of Fox Trails in the mix!



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1 comment:

  1. They are so adorable and I love the additions you made ;) Just perfect!!! Thank you!!