Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sherri's Block

 I finished my block of HST and Flying Geese a few days ago and had such a fun time making it!  I can't wait to see how the whole quilt comes together.  The blocks are all so wonderful and different. 

Thanks Sherri to such a fun start for our Bee!   -Calli

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  1. Oh...I so love it...this has been so much fun...thank you!

  2. This is a gorgeous block... I love that little extra bit to the flying geese. Does that have a name?

  3. The block doesn't have a name as far as I know. I saw it on flickr.... a modern bee was making it and calling it Melissa's block. I had to scratch my head on how to add that little turquoise square to the flying geese block. I ended up making a flying geese using the turquoise and white, then turning around and making another flying geese adding the happy mochi fabric. I worked like a charm!

  4. So pretty! It makes me want to go on a cruise, or at least start at some clear ocean water for a while. :)