Thursday, April 5, 2012

Excited for Bees Knees!

Hi! It's Shari from Doohikey Designs saying how excited I am to be apart of this amazing group of women! When Amy contacted me I was so excited that I didn't even finish reading and immediately said, YES!!, YES and YES!!! I even asked a few just can't hesitate when Amy is behind this! You know it's going to be amazing!!!

I can't wait to get to know all of you talented sewists! It's going to be fun and exciting to work on each of your blocks and in return you can do the same for me. How cool is that!!! I must say, it's going to be fun, inspirational, and just getting to know each of you is exciting to me.

Oh and I sent you a badge in your email! This is the beginning of making this blog full of cuteness!


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  1. Hi Shari. :o)
    I love the badge. What a cute idea. And the banner. Love love love it!! :o) Thank you so much for making everything look so pretty.
    This is going to be great fun!!
    hugs. Trish xoxo

  2. I'm definitely up for a blog full of cuteness! Thanks for your efforts to make it that way! xoxo

  3. Is this a group available for anyone to join? If so, I'm interested. I would love to belong to a group like this.

  4. I just found this group, like Carol i am wondering if everyone is able to join.


  5. Hi Carol and Sewgreen - unfortunately, we're limiting this group to only 12 quilters in order to keep things manageable. We started the group as a bunch of mutual friends. But there are lots of swaps, bee's, etc online if you're looking to join one. This site always has people looking to start a new Bee: