Saturday, July 1, 2017

Summer Vacation

Hi there everyone!
I'm Sinta 
from Pink Pincushion blog!

July is my favorite month and also my month
 to share my block with 
my Bees!

This has really been a hard decision this time...

and I hope it's not too hard...
it does have large pieces along with some smaller ones
so I think it will go pretty fast!

Here is a photo I found on the 
Instagram #snapshotquiltalong

It was a free pattern (with a donation option).
I made the donation... so I feel comfortable if we use
the pattern.
This was my favorite block in the whole quilt along...
but this was suppose to be for the back of the quilt!

I thought I should have an entire camera quilt...
but of course, I need your help!

Here is my test block.

Here are the stats:

1.  The block is 12 1/2" x 22 1/2"

2. I provided white for the center of the camera... the camera lens... 
but if you want to replace it with something fun... feel free to surprise me!

 3. Neutral thread is fine.

4. Since it's summer and time for vacations... and because I live in a tourist town...
I thought this block would be perfect! That's my "theme".

5. The block is enough in itself... so no need to embellish.

6. Here is a link to the tutorial of the block by Fat Quarter Shop

7. Note: We are only making the camera part of the block. 

I really hope you have fun making it! 

Now, here is my question for you!

Please tell what your favorite summer 
vacation was when you were a kid! 

Here are 3 of my favorite quilts from 2016
but if you want to see more of my end of year recap post
you can link to it HERE.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend planned!

P. S. The tourist town I live in is just minutes from 
Yosemite National Park! 

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  1. I for one, am seriously excited about this block...I may need an entire camera quilt myself!!

    1. I hope you like it... and even make one for yourself Tamara!

  2. I hope you have fun with it Nedra!!!