Friday, March 10, 2017

Tam's March Block

Isn't my sister's block so fun and BEE HAPPY! I was with her when she purchased this fabric in a quilt shop up in Logan. I thought it was kind of funny, for one it's not my style but very much her style. I love that I can tease her! So when she pulled this project out for her block she called me, and we had a chuckle!

Now here is the truth and secret. My sister completed her own block for me, because of some crazy deadlines I have going on right now. I wanted to do her block, but I will be making it up to her later. You can see this is on her cutting table. I have to admit the block she chose to make with this fabric will end up being amazingly cute!!!

There are some secret things i can't show you that are a favorite part of my sewing room. My sister has an inkling of what it is and soon you will know what I'm talking about. I do have to admit I love the Binding Babies I make and my scissors!

My other favorite items is my desk and sewing desk that were custom made for me by our dear friend Craig! He took my vision and made it happen.

And my cutting table that was custom made by my Husband. He took my vision and made it possible. The cutting table top was from a butcher block cut from Ikea. So I just don't have one item that I can't live without in my studio/sewing room! My studio name: Doohikey Designs Headquarters! Happy sewing everyone!



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  1. Really awesome creative space!

  2. Super cool! and thanks for sharing your space with everyone!