Tuesday, May 31, 2016

June Block - Hunter's Star

Hi Everyone!!!  It's me Melissa from Happy Quilting ;)  I am super excited for my month of this awesome bee ;)  I have been wanting to make a new king size bedspread for our master bedroom for over a year, but you know how it goes, if it isn't a deadline is falls to the bottom of the list.    So, I am asking you ladies to help me out in moving it to the top of the list ;)   I have always loved the Hunter's Star quilt and it has been on my bucket list to make for some time . . .  so that is what we are going to be making!!!

But don't get all worried about cutting angled diamonds and sewing crazy angled seams together.  I played around with the Hunter's Star in EQ and came up with this block that is simply 8 HST's and 2 big squares.   So fun and fast :)    I have included this image with your fabric so you can refer to it.  Just take special care on the HST placement and make sure that you use matching fabric where it is shown.  

I have sent the exact fabric needed for the block and it is already cut to the the sizes needed for piecing. So you can just start sewing when your fabric arrives ;) There are instructions for piecing the block in your envelope. Please use white thread and only use the fabric sent. I have sent fabric for two blocks (each packaged individually) and would love it if you could make both, but if you don't have time, no worries. Just please send back the extra fabric as I don't have any extra's ;) The Finished size of the block will be 18" x 18" the unfinished size will be 18 1/2" x 18 1/2". And if you have any questions just email me at happyquiltingmelissa@gmail.com ;)
I can't wait to see all of your blocks!!!  Thanks for being such a great bee!!!  Oh, and when you post your blocks, if you want to tell me a favorite quilt that has been on your bucket list to make that would be fantastic ;)  

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  1. Oh fun! I haven't ever tried a Hunter's Star quilt block before. I am anxious to try it!

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