Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I'm Ready for May

A friend of mine, Kassy, took this photo. I think it's amazing! So, since we are the Bees Knees... I thought I would share!

I have a couple of blocks done... which makes me caught up! (Yeah...) and waiting for the new
project for this month!

I completed Sunny Skies for Shari... which was a fun block
to make! I watched the You Tube video from Missouri Star
today just to see another version. It's going to be so cute
in these fabrics... can't wait to see it completed.

And for Calli... I had fun with the Flowering Snowball
blocks also! Cute vintage looking fabrics with a touch of
Fig Tree in the mix!

I just made a large version of this block and I have to say that

Here is my quilt... these are humungus blocks!
I did some pattern testing for Whole Circle Studios. It 
was from a pattern made from her quilt that was at QuiltCon!

It's so fun what you can do with the Flowering Snowball!

Oh, I have only one block that I am waiting for to finish my quilt for this year...
I don't keep track of these things... so I don't know who it is.
I am assuming it's not me! lol
but it could be... just in case someone has my little envelope...
I thought I would mention it before I make one. I know everyone is so good 
about getting these made... feel free to say... Sinta, it's you!

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  1. You are awesome...I am so excited to see your quilt finished. It was definitely one that I never thought I would want to do, because of the curves. However, after working on your blocks...I am thinking there is a flowering snowball in my future!