Saturday, April 9, 2016

Reflections on Moving

News of a corporate relocation from Florida to Texas came in October 2015 which started a frenzy of purging and going through boxes that had never even been opened since we moved from Utah to Florida in March of 2014. Crazy, huh? Anyway, I'm happy to report that I made a decent effort to do additional downsizing since our first big move from Utah although, I have to admit that I still kept a fair amount of crafts and fabric that I just couldn't part with this time around. 

The last 6+ months of my life have been pretty WILD & CRAZY but, we all made it through another BIG LIFE CHANGE with flying colors!! I'm so proud of my teenager (17) who has been so positive and really supportive of her older parents. The last two years have been quite an adventure which has resulted in a very positive growing experience for all of us. I'm so grateful for the opportunities that we've had to work and serve in our Church, Work, Neighborhood and School Communities as well as all of the wonderful friends we've made along the way!!

Our present plan is to stay in Texas until my Husband retires in about 7-10 years. Of course, things can always change but, that's the plan for now.

With all of the moving and the temporary housing we were in while trying to figure things out I'm pretty sure I received all of the blocks during this transition time. Let me know if I'm missing anyone's blocks. Thanks!

Here are the two blocks I made for Calli's Flowering Snowball Quilt! I have to say that I really enjoyed making this block so much that I 'm feeling the NEED to BUY an Accu-Quilt die cutter just so I can make this quilt!! Oh dear!! :)

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  1. I love your finished blocks! I tend to move every three years on an average... but always within the same area. I couldn't imagine cross country adventures like you have done!