Friday, October 30, 2015

A Parade of Bee Blocks... and November's Reveal

I have accumulated several blocks that needed to find their way
back to the hive!
I was a busy bee trying to catch up on my blocks last week.
I hope you all forgive me for being so sporadic.

The good news is that you get to see a bunch of 
our bee blocks all at once!!!

Starting here with Amy's block! 
This one was a wee bit challenging for me... and I did a little
miscalculation at one point in the cutting. 
Amy bailed me out and sent me another piece of the background fabric to get me back
on track!
I finally got it finished!

This one is April's block. 
An original design! 
She is so smart to figure this out!
I hope I made mine right. The fabrics are so fun...
I love seeing the other finished blocks being posted
of hers!

The next block was for the alphabet quilt that Abby 
chose as her Bees Knees project.

I thought this was such a great idea and wished that
I would have thought of it for a group project here.
I present:The letter M!
But really, this was too easy, and I wish I would have
another letter to do. If we each would have had two letters...
Abby would be nearly finished with the alphabet!

Moving on...
I have the letter "T"

Oh my gosh! I love these fabrics! Denyse Schmidt
fabrics are always a favorite of mine!
I can't wait to see this quilt get put together!
(no pressure Calli)

This is Cynthia's block. 
Another super fun idea... to use a block from 
the Farm Girl Vintage book.
Not surprisingly, we all had a copy of that!
I still need to make that block for my sampler...
so I am going to go ahead and make another one to send
to Cynthia while I'm at it.

Now, Sherri's block
was another fun one.

I didn't jump on board the HST sampler craze when
it was going on. Not that I didn't save all my 
bonus HST's... I have a nice collection now...
maybe getting to make this one for Sherri will
give me the little nudge I need to start playing with those
cute little bonus squares on the design board!

I also wanted to show you....
something that makes me smile when I look at it...

Do you remember making these blocks for me?

I love this quilt so much!
Thank you all for helping me make it! 

I had a couple missing blocks but I went ahead and finished putting
this one together! I thought that when the other blocks come back I will just
make them into matching pillows!

Now, I am caught up.
I have mailed all your blocks (shown above) out
to you beautiful people, so watch for them in your mail box!
Along with the returning blocks I have added my project for
(I have mailed the fabrics for this project out now to everyone)

Irish Chain Scrap Buster Quilts | Red Pepper Quilts 2015:
(photo borrowed from Red Pepper blog)

This is the project I have picked from Red Pepper Quilts.
She made this into a gorgeous quilt.
I fell in love with it the moment I saw it on Pinterest!
There is a great tutorial on her blog.

After laying out my squares...

I made my block into sections.

Then I sewed the sections together.

Like this.

Here is what the block looks like set with the alternate block.
Don't worry...
I will be making those!

Irish Chain Quilt - Quilt Layout | Red Pepper Quilts
(photo borrowed from Red Pepper blog)

I am super excited to see this one come together! I hope you have fun with it!

*I added a couple extra squares so you can pick
what you like best in the scrappy corner sections of the block.
 *Off white/white thread is fine to use.
* All the fabric you need is in the block kit. 
* You should have enough fabric to work with. I don't need any leftovers returned to me.

I am on instagram: Sinta or pink pincushion will get you there!
My blog link is here.

One more thing...
I have a question for you to answer when you post my finished block.

I have a large family but I don't share a whole lot about family life.
Here is the challenge...
share anything about  me or my family that I have posted about on my blog or IG...
but the catch is... there can't be any repeats in the answers.

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  1. I'm so glad you chose this Sinta! I've been wanting to try Rita's tutorial! Yay!