Monday, November 3, 2014

September, October, and November!

I did some catching up on my Bee blocks for you guys!

Shari's block was so fun and just way to easy. 
Just what I needed to work on!!!

Then I got to work on Calli's block with the outdoors theme.
Since I live just outside of Yosemite... I had to represent trees and camping.

I also worked on MY blocks for this month.
I actually got them sent out in the mail today!

I will post tomorrow using the format we are filling in about our blocks.
I did include a copy of the pattern (that was free) from Little Miss Shabby.
I hope you like it! 
I caved in and used my Heather Bailey fabric I have been hoarding.
I think that this one will actually be one I use for myself when it's all done.

(one more little thing... I can't comment on our blog... whenever a blog has the dropbox that
says Google Account... it won't take my comment for some reason... does anybody have that problem?)

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  1. I'm looking forward to working on your petals! I haven't had a problem leaving a comment with Google.

  2. This block looks like so much fun Sinta!!! So excited :) And just to make sure you are mailing to the right place, that adorable camper block is actually coming to my house, not Calli's :) Love it, so cute!!!!

  3. Thank you Sinta! I love it! :) It will be fun to do your block!