Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hello 2014!

I am starting the new year with a focus on our Bees Knees blocks!
It is time to do some catching up!

I am nearly done on Lori's bee blocks!
I am a huge fan of Dresden's, so making little
chubby ones out of Bake Sale was just too much fun.

I sent these out to Amy today!
What a fun block to make... even though it made me very
nervous to do "improv" and paper piecing all at the same time!!!

Yesterday I even got a couple of my blocks back in the mail!
One from Trish and here are a couple others that have been mailed to 
me recently...

It's so fun to be getting these back!
 I just need to make the alternate block for them and
it should be ready to put together soon.

Now, I am ready to start Miss January's 
bee block.

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