Thursday, January 10, 2013

Trish's Block

Happy New Year 
my fellow
Bees Knees!
Isn't it fun to be back together
for 2013?
I love the fabrics Trish sent us for 
Churn Dash block.
Just so you know
(because I asked her)
even though she sent us the link to
Greek Cross
(that uses 4-6 fabrics)
she wants us to use just the two fabrics 
in our packet
Churn Dash
Yes, the pattern is the same!
My block is now in the 
mail and on it's way to you Trish :)


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  1. I *love love love* your block!!
    Thank you so much Nedra. :o)
    And thank you for mentioning the proper
    pattern name. I sure have a lot to still
    to learn. :o) Trish xo

  2. I had no idea that the two blocks were actually the same.. just different fabric/placement. I love churn dash blocks... can't wait to make this one up for Trish! Thanks for the heads up on that.