Wednesday, July 31, 2019

the August block is on its way!

OK, here we go!  I have selected the "Great Granny"!  I chose my sisters last fabric line, "In the Meadow" (in the stores now) and used some of my stash to add to it!  Oh my these blocks are fun!  What started out as a throw blanket, is now becoming a queen size quilt. You just can't stop once you start these blocks.   I know that there are a million tutorials online and books...but sometimes I like to figure things out.  So, I cut my white blocks at 2.5x3 instead of 2.5x3.5.  Oops!  So when you trim, there will be a little jaggedness to the edges.  No worries, I will be sashing the blocks together.

I also sent you each a little something from my other hobby.  The bookmark cabochon was made by me.  It is out of Box Elder Burl, which is usually a bland blonde.  I then dye them to show off the figure and well, to make them colorful.  I figured you can use them to hold a place in your favorite quilting  book.

And now a word on shop safety!  While fussy cutting...well you know the rest!  Yes, I will have a month or so of healing!  Luckily the shearing was quick and clean and no blood on my fabric!
So please be careful!  I have included all the fabric you will need for the blocks and if you would use white thread that would be great!

Now, I want to take a poll...How many of you have had a wicked quilting accident?  Please no gory details. Just curious if my wood turning hobby (table saws, sharp lathe tools, wood flying at my head) is safer than my quilting hobby?  Your answers will determine if I need more insurance!
Happy sewing my Bee Sisters!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Natalie's Sew Sampler Block

I love this sweet block, and I do love basket blocks. I can't wait to see how this block turns out. It will be super cute and fun. I did screw up on the bottom one, but Natalie was so gracious to pop in two fabrics so I could complete it.

I am loving the colors!

Here it is on my flannel quilt board.

Thanks for sharing the sew sampler block. I have added that back into your envenlope!



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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Bonnie's Block

And finally Bonnie's Block! It's so awesome I love this pattern. Off the Brick Pattern may be my way to go in completing some awesomeness and get through my scraps! These could be blocks to make a big picnic blanket, baby blanket or lap quilt. Love the possibilities.

The splashes of color and low volume just rocks and seeing everyones come together is going to be amazing.

I didn't have one low volume block, so I added my own solid piece and I hope you love it! Plus you get an extra block back so you can make another one Bonnie!


Your Beehive Mama

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