Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Carrie's Half Square Triangle Blocks

 I just finished up making my
Half Square Triangle Blocks
for Carrie *aka Miss January :)
I was given the layout for
Block #5
 and Block #6
 Carrie gave us the option of making the 
3-inch (finished) Half Square Triangles by any method desired
but of course I choose what I feel is 
the easiest and most accurate way
I thought I would share with you 
this method in case you would like to make your blocks the same way.
 I started with a roll of #H300
*3 1/2-inch unfinished/ 3-inch finished
from Triangles On A Roll
I cut sections that would fit onto the 5-inch charm squares
Carrie sent us.
 Put two fabrics 
right sides together
 lower the stitch length to 1.5
and sew on the dotted line
I chained pieced the sections quickly.
 16 sections will make 32 HST's
the amount needed for the 2 blocks
 Using a rotary cutter, 
trim on the solid lines, even around the outside edges
 Each section makes 2 HST's
 When you press them open
you have 2 Perfect Half Square Triangles
that measure accurately from corner to corner
 Because the Half Square Triangles are so 
I didn't even need to use pins to sew
the HST's together.
 Look how nicely every point comes together.
Makes you look like a Rock Star in the quilting world :)
As you know, I love anything with
Half Square Triangles
and these were fun to make!
Carrie's blocks have been sent off in the mail.
Now I'd like to make all 25 in the layout
for myself!
Half Square Triangle papers
come on 50 foot rolls
in 11 different sizes
and can be ordered from
Triangles On A Roll
Or, if you have any questions
you know where I live :)

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  1. Wow your blocks are so pretty Nedra! Thank you so much for sharing the Triangle paper method with us! Your HST's look great!

  2. Thank you for sharing your method. Your blocks are perfect! But I think you already were a quilting rock star!

  3. This may be a stupid question but I'm new to all this. Is the triangle rolls real paper? I thought it was a big no-no to cut paper with your fabric rotary cutter unless you have a designated one for paper (say for scrapbooking).

    1. I definitely wouldn't cut paper all the time with my rotary cutter, but occasional trimming doesn't hurt much.